monoprint, 1990, 30″ x 22″

Joseph Campbell is a hero of mine.


In which he says:

“Turn your fall into a voluntary act.”

Now, that, there caused me pause, I tell you..

I know he is speaking of ‘the fall’ in the metaphoric sense.

Sort of a: ‘participate in all the sorrows of the world gladly’, kind of thing.

The most valuable piece of wisdom I have gleaned from my entire life so far is this:

A slight (or major) shift in one’s perspective

Will make the difference between

Wearing a sign that spells: VICTIM

And walking in the world feeling bedecked with jewels and shimmery silken things

Or at the very least

Having the strength and courage to hold one’s head high.

It behooves one to choose what we want to fight

With great care.

Because it can happen all to suddenly

That ‘the fight’

Becomes a life.

And a hollow one at that.

Dear God,

Wrap me in luminous rose-colored silk

And tuck a ruby in my palm

So I can remember to remember what I know

When I surely will forget.


3 Responses to “Falling”

  1. Laura Hegfield on February 21st, 2011


  2. Laura Hegfield on February 21st, 2011

    uh oh….those ???? were supposed to be hearts…now that is interesting.

    imagine this is a handful of ruby hearts for you to hold in your hands my friend.

  3. Carol S on February 23rd, 2011

    Oooohhhh…I have a friend going through some tough times and I want to share your most important lesson with her. The contrast between VICTIM and bedecked in jewels and shimmery silks…speaks to me. Thanks for sharing Cathy. And your dogs eyes are sooo beautiful, as I know yours are to her/him.

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