Human Services

monoprint, 22″ x 30″

I visited the Human Services Department yesterday.

They service humans.

It is a strange place devoid of art or color

And I didn’t really see too many people either

On the endless hike to find the elevator

(to service this particular human).

It was sort of a comedy of sorts

As I was met in the lobby by a very nice woman

And she proceeded to lead me at a snail’s pace

(because that is MY pace)

Through endless halls and turns and dimly lit offices.

She was actually really great.

When we finally sat in her office

She listened intently as I read my list

Of questions concerning support which I might avail myself of.

I took away information about Supplemental Security Income

And Medicare/Medicaid

As well as the possibility of some financial help with a new computer.

She will be a good point person

If I need help in the future

Negotiating the governmental morass.

Somewhere along the line I made a MAJOR shift that desperately needed to be made;

That of moving from the idea of CHARITY

To one of SUPPORT.

It took me a coons’ age to do it

But I walked the halls, yesterday, unashamed.

I have turned it into a mission.

It is more fun.

And that quest is one way I am servicing MY FAVORITE HUMAN!


4 Responses to “Human Services”

  1. Muff on February 19th, 2011

    Very brave of you, Cathy. I’m not quite there yet. The last time I had to visit offices such as you mentioned, it was for my mother in her nursing home. It left me so depressed, seeing all those people in need. Accepting that I’m one of them just hasn’t clicked yet.

  2. Elisa on February 19th, 2011

    LOVE your spirit, your thinking and YOU!

  3. Judy on February 19th, 2011

    Thanks for sharing your journey and transformation. Like Muff, I am not “there” yet either, but the need looms closer and closer, and hearing of your experience helps me prepare.

  4. Laura Hegfield on February 21st, 2011

    love you Cathy!!!!

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