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In the Santa Fe paper today I read that our BORDER’S bookstore will close due to bankruptcy.

Yeah.. Amazon is so great…

Until something like this happens.

A cornerstone of the community will be gone

And the effects will be felt far and wide.

Just the thought makes me feel lonely.

Not that I go there very often.

But I used to sit for hours with a stack of magazines from around the world

Turning page after page and letting the sights and smells and beauty and horror of far away places

Wash over me

And leave me changed.

Then I would go to my studio and make art.

This fairly regular past time was vital to my creative process.

I could be IN the world of fellow humans going about their business

But not really OF it.

This is really important for my inspiration

To have the ability to sit at a little table

And have the world leave it’s marks on me

Without going anywhere.

For me, the creative place is almost trance-like.

Everything but what is in front of me goes away.

If you think about it, the idea is kind of scary.

I live in a sort of veiled place

And the comfort of having a familiar scene happening around me

Like a student with his laptop at the table next to me

Or a mother negotiating a kid, a latte and a book

Is just the thing I need

To let myself be taken

By Creativity.

So, now that particular possibility will vanish.

And it is a loss.

Does the connective quality of FACEBOOK

Hold a candle to a good bookstore?

How far away from each other can we get?

And do we even care?

Is convenience and ‘lite connection’

Preferable to

The journey

And the elegance

Of a surreptitious eye-lock

With a stranger in the theology aisle?


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  1. Carol S on February 20th, 2011

    Good points. There are no eye locks to be had on facebook. Every era has had its uncomfortable and questionable “advancements.” And then, like animals, we adapt to our environments over time. Kids in 30 years may look back on the concept of “bookstores” as hard to imagine. Please tell me libraries will not go the same way!!

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