..And We All Fall Down…

detail of monoprint

I grew up in a suburb of Detroit

Which housed the army of those employed by the automobile industry.

‘Cars R’ Us’ was our motto.

We drew them

Screamed over them

Dreamed them

Loved them

And hated them

As the case may be.

That industry affected us Michiganders differently as individuals.

My family was wrecked by the alcohol

That ran in the blood

Of the decision makers

Trying to appear jaunty and carefree.

Even so..

I ended up having cars in my blood, instead.

Detroit is in what we call a ‘decline.’

Artists, like me, often prick up our ears

When we hear such words.

It means nothing less than OPPORTUNITY.

We know how to take the dregs of something

And juice it up.

And so I have an odd take on the landscape..

Which extends to my own body, too,

IN DECLINE.. as they say…

When something as we know it

Changes, dies, falls down, is blown up,

A vacuum is left

To be filled, created, remade, re-thought.

That space was never there before

So the possibility never existed till it did.

And THAT kind of thinking excites me

And keeps me curious

And steppin’……


One Response to “..And We All Fall Down…”

  1. Carol S on March 27th, 2011

    I feel for Detroit but agree with you, them’s fighting words! You mention OPPORTUNITY. This is a strange connection, but at a Chinese restaurant tonight, my son’s fortune said something about paying attention to opportunity and option that may come his way. He thought about and said “in every opportunity there is an option.” I look puzzled, but then realized he was making a play on the words and yes, in fact, there is the word option in opportunity. Poignant, to me at least.

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