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The word equinox literally means ‘equal night.’

The ancient Egyptians built the Great Sphinx so it faces the rising sun on the vernal (Spring) equinox.

This is a good time to think about balance.

I like the word: “COMPORTMENT.”

It feels like a very old word but I’m not sure about that.

It means ‘behavior’

And I think of the word when I see the Japanese people in their sorrow and utter grief

Over losing the life they knew

Just a week ago.

What do BALANCE and COMPORTMENT have to do with one another?

In my mind, I am pretty darn sure

That had the events in Japan

Happened on our soil, instead,

They would be held in a very different way

By the American population.

We, here, do not know much about containing our state of being.

We are exuberant and messy

In our efforts to wring every drop

Of individualism out of us

In fear someone might take it away.

The Japanese have exercised other muscles.

Not to say either is better or worse.

But witnessing a population


Taking care not to slime their neighbor

In the process

Causes me pause.

Really, the golden rule I follow

Which is truly my most potent medicine

Is the rock solid knowledge

That for every contraction

There is an equal expansion.

It usually does not come on my timetable

Which is unfortunate

But, it does come.

This morning’s example is my arm and leg

Which happen to be in periodic spasm.

I hate it.

I’m edgy and it just came out in a phone call with a friend.

Slime, slime..

This afternoon my body will be different.

Or it won’t

And tomorrow it will.

The point being

The Universe has a self-correcting

Button somewhere

Which creates balance.

We may want it NOW

Or never at all.

But today,

It soothes me

That there is a larger intelligence

Than mine.


2 Responses to “Equinox”

  1. Laura Hegfield on March 21st, 2011

    I believe you are right cathy… in hebrew we call this tzim-tzum… like breathing… the expansion and contraction that creates, destroys… life-death-balance somewhere in between.

  2. Carol S on March 27th, 2011

    Comportment…good word. Yes, so sad they had to comport themselves so, but they are an amazing people.

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