I like to sit in churches.

When no one else is there.

Not because of any kind of ideology

But because I love beauty.

There is a particular one that I visit pretty regularly

Made of adobe.

It is not big.

I go there to feel the silence.

By ‘feel’ I mean just that.

The interior is uncluttered by the usual Catholic paraphernalia.

It rises two stories

And only a very few beams obstruct the open space.

The pews are simple and hand hewn.

The altar just simply ‘is’.

I go in and pick a seat.

I look around for awhile

Noticing the bird activity just outside the clerestory windows above me.

I feel clean in there.

Clean from the inside out.

Something like my natural self

Without all the overlays

Of expectation, desire, greed and disappointment


I like her.

Very much.

I remember her.

And why should she be waiting for me here,

In the second pew to the left

On this particular day

Of the week?


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  1. Judy on March 1st, 2011

    I like sitting in like manner in empty churches for many of the same reasons.

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