Welcome Shift

monoprint, 1992, 22″ x 30″

Some important info I did not include in yesterday’s post regarding the FIVE WISHES template for a ‘ friendly’ living will:

It is accepted in most states but not all and you can go here to get all the low down.


Sometimes I just get so tired of the smallness of living a life that feels so body-centric.

Of course, we know in the broadest sense that the world is held in grain of sand…

But there are days when I just have to say YUK!!!!!!!!!


I am so tired of mySELF!!!!!!!!!!

SomeTHING.. SomeONE please take me OUT of myself.

I need relief from pills

And healthy food

And finding the higher ground

And fighting to put on a damn sock

And waking up stiff and bent

Instead of lithe and willowy.

So I sometimes go to science.

It isn’t really as entertaining as vodka

But it works for me.


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  1. Laura Hegfield on March 7th, 2011

    I’m sorry sweetie, I am. I wish I could wish it all away for you…for me, for a world that suffers in so many different ways.


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