Dragonfly Medicine

monoprint, 1991, 30″ x 22″


This symbol represents the dragonfly.

I had no idea why I was drawn to this design when I created it.

It was almost like I was craving a cross but couldn’t quite get solidly behind it

And came up with my own.

For a long time, I wondered if this represented the devil

Or the anti-christ.

This is how deeply our culture has imbedded itself in me;

Just fooling around with three lines in a composition

Can leave one waiting for a thunderbolt.

The other day; Monday, in fact,

I was shopping for a gift in my favorite store, KESHI,

Which hosts a veritable treasure trove of fetishes carved by local Native American tribes

Out of river rock, precious stone and everything in between.

Bronwyn, the owner, just casually offered up the information I needed about the real reason I was guided to create this symbol.

The DRAGONLY symbolizes transformation, a bridge to the Divine, the breaking of illusions.

Whichever pathway we choose to get ‘there’

Seems to give us just what we need

In the nick of time

Cloaked in the language we can hear most easily

And trust it was meant just for us.


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  1. suzi smith on April 8th, 2011

    This is lovely… especially how those sublime messages & synchronicities get through to us. I do enjoy seeing your art & reading your words.

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