detail of painting,m/m

What, exactly, was eating like

When we, women

Did our version of the queen’s wave

At the entrance to the cave

As our scantily clad men

Turned their bows like a cheerleeder’s baton

And headed out to the veldt

For the hunt?

Ok…Ok… I doth go on in my fantasy world..

But, really:

I had a dinner that inspired such…

Vegetarians: BEWARE.

A friend and I shared an entree’ that truly sent me.

Tender, fall-apart tender Elk, poached pears, sweet potato mashed and three perfectly green sweet pea pods.

This was served on a triangular curve of simple,white dish ware

With the thinnest of wine glasses

Carrying a liquid: deep mohogany and leggy on the glass.

Ok- I AM a hedonist

And live in borderline deprivation most of the time.

So the girl needed a bit of sass in her life

And this dinner was IT!

There were miles and miles

Of distance

Between a plastic-wrapped-grocery store-bought piece of protein

And this slightly gamey

Delicacy which left me a bit less domesticated

In spirit

As we prevented ourselves (only just)

From licking the plate.


2 Responses to “Elk!”

  1. Bibliotekaren on April 18th, 2011

    Sounds wonderfully decadent — visually so as well.

    It may sound less than gracious, however… I once was married and the only thing I really miss about that character is elk meat in the freezer.


  2. Barry on April 19th, 2011

    I bask in experiences like that often thinking and or saying “I love this country” and wondering how a boy from poor beginnings can be eating like royalty and be being served attentively and kindly as well. My wife Roz and I love quality experiences of the palette, but smaller quantities satisfy us. So most often we share, which I think contributes to the celebration of us and the grace that has us together that I always feel at such times.

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