textile design, 1987, silk

Survival of the fittest…..

Reckoning with a disability

Allows some deep conjecture on this topic.

(At least, in my lovely, curious mind…)

What, exactly, does “FIT” mean?

Am I ‘un’FIT because I can’t do the thing the guy is doing in the photo above?

Does being fit mean walking without support?

Being able to run from a Tsunami should I need to?

Bear children?

Forage for dinner in the forest?

Grocery shop?

Plant a tulip bulb?

On NPR this morning I heard a 100 year old woman sparkle in her love of life.

The reasoning behind her longevity (109 years old…God, please spare me)


The ability to bounce back from stressful situations

By getting up and dusting one’s self off.

I recognize that capacity in myself

And because of that blessing

Consider myself quite “FIT.”


I’d rather this gift

Than running a 4 minute mile.

But I wouldn’t turn it down

If it was offered………………………………..


3 Responses to “Fit”

  1. Rose on April 11th, 2011

    OK, this might be a long one…. (sorry) When I was younger I knew a guy called Mick Scarlett. He was a Billy Idol look a like. He was so cool. He was always having the most fun out of everyone. He was in a wheelchair.

    I have fond memories of walking through town with my boyfriend and seeing Mick going whizzing past in his chair, being pushed by a mate, with a wave and yahoo as he went….

    He cropped up on TV occasionally over the years. He was a reporter for disabled issues. Last time I saw him, it was a documentary. He had regained some movement or something in his legs and Doctors had suddenly gained hope that they could operate and he would walk again.

    The documentary was to follow him through the process. Except that as he progressed he realised he didn’t want the op. Why should he have a year of pain and not being able to do the things he wanted for a hope of something that had never stopped him from doing anything he wanted.

    He resold the documentary and continued, looking at why some people were so focused on walking, why some people felt they had lost themselves by losing the ability.

    He was a case in point of what being positive and getting on with life could achieve and the others were case studies in what focusing on loss and negativity would do. I am sure some people found his attitude hard to credit, but I didn’t, I just smiled, because once upon a time, i knew him.

    So fit….. means whatever you want it to mean. Because he sure was in no way disabled.

    (apologies for the length again)

  2. gerry harty on April 11th, 2011

    there was a woman in France who never let adversity get her down…on her 100th birthday her village gave her a party…the next day she went from door to door on her bike to thank everyone …gave up smoking at 107…and drank wine until she died at 117!!! It’s mind over matter!!! the mind is the most powerful tool by far !!!

  3. Carol S on April 17th, 2011

    What do you mean you can’t do what that guy in the picture is doing? I do that 10 times each morning before I have coffee! Adaptive Competence, I like that lady’s spunk! Bouncing back from stressful situations…I need that ADAPTIVE COMPETENCE this week at work. And to get more FIT physically…gotta say I’m pretty fit spiritually. I hope it works.

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