The Ride

untitled, 36″ x 36″, m/m

Thank you for your patience (or not) as I took an extended break.

I know, having been an artist for so many years,

The process of ANYthing

Occasionally needs some of what I call “GATHERING TIME.”

In my life, it looks like the water spigot

Just has a mind of it’s own

And no matter how much I coo and coerce

It just ain’t happenin’.

That is how I was left following my brother’s visit

And I am well aware this is a signal

SomeTHING is brewing in me..

Family is a great catalyst…

Welcome or not-

None of us are neutral in this department.


At this point, I am still unaware

Of what, exactly, is making it’s way toward consciousness

But I do know enough

To pay attention

And give myself a break

In the ‘YOU SHOULD’ department.

In the news today,

There appears a Japanese hero who rode the tsunami in his little boat called: “SUNFLOWER.”

If he had wavered in his decision to meet the unknown thing

And let the boat slide to the side even a little bit

The end result would have been quite different.

Where does the courage come to ride the wave?

And is it like a cat with nine lives?

Do we run out of the stuff at some point?

I actually have the sense

It has little to do with us

And everything to do with GRACE.


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  1. Rose on April 4th, 2011

    Not sure I really understand grace. I read the words in the dictionary but they are so few, and it is so huge…

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