Red Saab Sun-Fun

“EVENING”, 2000, 11″ x 11″, m/m

One of my favorite things to do is drive around New Mexico and look at stuff.

My friend has a Saab convertible.

The three of us (one chihuahua) went exploring yesterday.

We stopped to buy fresh cherries.

Spit the pits out as we went.

Sank into long silences.

Swooned over seeing that our beloved river, the Rio Grande, was still there

Considering it is burnt toast dry ’round here.

We found dirt roads that whispered “Come this way”

And we listened.

We saw some cool and creepy stuff

That will get woven into stories years from now.

I love my friend.

But not enough to have him watch me pee at the side of the road.

So I kept sending him off into the wilderness with the dog

While I supported myself on the side of the red Saab.

What I am about to tell you is the mark of a truly good friend.

This may be too much information so consider clicking off right here..

Peeing in the wilderness is a really satisfying activity in my book.

It has the taut quality of;

“Hurry, Hurry! Someone may come!”

But also, birds are singing and the pine needles are fragrancing

And you just look around

And appreciate the scenery.

Following ‘THE CROUCH”

One needs to arise once more…

And I could not.

I was humbled beyond any cool cover

And yelled for my friend.

He is strong.

And laughed at the whole predicament.

Then he helped me up- the girl with her pantaloons down..

All I could say was “LIFE IS SO WEIRD”.

And the three of us continued on our journey.

I got too much sun.

And I am glad.

I Got humbled.

And then I wasn’t anymore.

I got space in my heart from the land, the company,

The impossibly fresh air.

Space in my heart.. Space in my heart..



3 Responses to “Red Saab Sun-Fun”

  1. gerry harty on May 31st, 2011

    I wish I had a friend like that!!!…he should have taken a picture!!!…sorry..couldn’t resist!!!…what a great story…great memories!!! xoxo gerry

  2. Nicole on May 31st, 2011

    Boy isn’t it nice to have a good friend. Sometimes they can really make the difference between a good and bad day. By the way, I’ve had plenty of “accidents.”

  3. Celia Jordan on June 2nd, 2011

    You tell it lady! It’s fresh air, familiar, inspiring and reminds me to hold on to those
    seconds of joy that I can let pass by! Thank you! You are so talented. I do agree that MS can strip you down to your core in that one is left what is real and what counts. Right?
    Love you, Celia

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