Damsel Ephemera

1991, monoprint, 30″ x 22″

One of the best feelings in life

According to Cathy

Is the knowledge I have truly been HEARD.

And ‘heard’ without the filter of another’s desire or expectation about they WANT or NEED to hear..

I’ve spoken here, about my love of dragonflies.

Recently, a dear friend and I sat at a table together

And he presented me with a box.

I opened it and found a fossil


100 million years old found in Brazil.

The delicate, glassy wings

And her small, lively little body

Imprinted in limestone

For me

To appreciate

100 million years later.

Makes one stop to think:

What impression do I think I will leave

As my tailing…

To be held, perhaps,

By some curious and maybe wonderstruck creature

100 million years from now?

Will my essence be revealed

There, in the limestone?

Will my bones reveal my strength

And fragility?

My desires?

My dreams?

When I hold this fossil in my hand

The sense of time evaporates

And an almost unbearable intimacy

Rushes in

To suggest

That the purpose

Of this whole ‘thing’

May very well be

What seems at first like the small act

Of noticing GOoDNESS.


One Response to “Damsel Ephemera”

  1. Laura Hegfield on June 21st, 2011

    yes…I love this…the small act of noticing goodness…and I see you and hear your goodness Cathy with every word you write and image you post…you have left a mark on my heart…won’t be here in a hundred million years…but as long as I live and breathe…your goodness has left an indelible print on my heart.

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