The Very Sight of You

detail of monoprint

Seeing as we all are having a challenging time

Finding our way through the threshold at hand,

I often find an odd sort of peace

When I look at crop circles.

The religion of rationality

Isn’t really cutting it, is it?

Don’t get me wrong, here…

I’m all for the solace of order.

It feeds me. Keeps me grounded.

Inspires me. Taunts me.

I say ‘taunt’ as an ‘ordered’ existence is not my natural state.

I get caught in thinking I ‘should’ do this-n-that

Because, culturally speaking, we seem to have chosen the linear mind

As our favorite.

It is essential to me, sure.

But not to the point of exclusivity.

We really can’t afford to be exclusive on any front anymore.

The strange sense of hope,

Confusion and wonder

I get when I look at the perfection of geometric etchings

In the barley fields of a distant farmer

Help me to open

Into ‘something other’ that what I know.

And for that chink in my societal armor

I am grateful.


One Response to “The Very Sight of You”

  1. Laura Hegfield on June 28th, 2011

    such a beautiful prayer Cathy….”Help me to open

    Into ’something other’ that what I know.”

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