The View From Here

hand-painted wool flannel upholstery, 1990

Been busy filling out forms

With the hope of accessing some support from various places.

There is a veil of toxic smoke

Which literally circles my beloved Santa Fe

As wildfires burn willy nilly.

The general read on the consciousness

Of the population here

Is skittish and snippy and fearful.

And I am right there with them.

Until I’m not.

This girl is getting pretty darn practiced

At shifting her point-of-view

To a life-enhancing one

As needed.

It really has come down to this:

Fear, drama, shakin’-in-your-boots-mentality

Utterly bores me.

It is SO EASY to go there.

So seductive.

Like a religion, almost.

It is what we know best.

There HAS to be another way..

And I’m out to find it.

And find it again..

And again….




2 Responses to “The View From Here”

  1. Donna on June 30th, 2011

    I’ve never been a fan of drama. However recently I’ve been realizing how entrenched fear is in my life especially regarding resource uncertainty that hasn’t even presented itself yet. I’m working on deciphering when I’m planning ahead with purpose and when I’m just living entwined in fear. It is a powerful addiction to break.

    Your use of the word seductive adds another subtle dimension to the struggle.

    Take care,

  2. Dorothyanne Brown on July 3rd, 2011

    Thinking about you amongst the fires – hope you are okay.
    Regarding forms and etc., it’s so difficult to do that shift – to go from the positive, head forward, positive spin we all need to get through each day to the negative, I am barely hanging on, this is hell mind set you need to fill out the forms you also need to survive. The thing is, when you feel awful, you don’t feel like filling out forms, so you end up doing them on a good day.
    It’s a bizarre disease we all are living here.

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