Got Your Back

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I was thinking about what constitutes a HERO for me.

It’s a great question.

What is it about those people we call “hero”

That separates them out from others in our lives?

I remember being in a therapy session long ago

In which I was asked to stand up

As the therapist proceeded to slap me on the back in a strong but supportive way.

He did that a few times so I could just settle into the feeling of it.

What the hell was he doing?

He told me that he was trying to give me the feeling of being “BACKED UP.”

It really took me awhile to get this, I tell you..

It was bordering on too weird even for me.

But I stuck with it and thought about it…

Remembered the feeling long afterward.

Guys do this on the football field, etc..

It is an important male form of connection as I’ve noticed.

But, as a woman, the good and solid feeling of it was foreign to me.

I realized I had a great sense of the FRONT of my body

As I soldiered my way through life,

WILLING myself into existence.

I was surprised in this exercise

To feel how untended and almost ‘young’

The back of me felt.

The heros in my live have helped me become whole

By their surprising entry

Into my wake.

They slip in and back me up;

Become a presence in my sphere

And bring me to life

By helping me remember those untended, unseen and forgotten

Parts of my self

That just need a bit of waking up.


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  1. Peter on July 16th, 2011

    You are my No. 1 HERO!

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