The Generosity of Rain

“ATMOSPHERE”, 1995,30″ x 30″, m/m

The smoke laying heavily on my town

From wildfires just to the West and East

Has been laden with the toxicity of the retardant the firefighters use

As well as whatever remains undisclosed

By Los Alamos Lab.

It got to the throat constricting point for me

And so I took my dog, clean underwear and my new teeth-whitening toothpaste

And we drove up to Taos for the night

In hopes of better air.

It was slightly less smoky there and there was some movement to the atmosphere which helped a lot.

The two of us hung out on a mesa and ate lunch and watched cows

As we waited to check in.

The hotel I found was pet friendly and accessible offering a great deal for the room.

Olivia and I rolled over to the room, the wheelchair laden with stuff.

I opened the door and met an acrid smell.

I tried to roll the chair into the room only to see that there was a large threshold preventing entry.

I got out of the chair and had to pull the 250 lb. thing over the bump into the room.

Olivia would not enter.

Would not.

Finally, she chanced it and I asked her to stay while I got more stuff from the car.

I had barely opened the door and she bolted out into a large and lovely, grassy courtyard

Pooping willy-nilly everywhere as the staff prepared for an outdoor wedding.

The two of us finally had a chance to settle in after all the drama.

The dog was utterly traumatized by the other creature smells left behind

Which the old hotel had tried to mask with various chemical sprays.

It felt dirty and neither one of us could settle.

She looked 100 years old to me

As she scrunched her brow and tightened her temples just like we do.

All of a sudden I realized we could not stay there.

I’d come for a bit of peace and clearer air

But it was worse here!

So we packed up and left.

After an hour.

I hadn’t the energy to go looking around for another hotel

As it is a holiday weekend and ‘pet-friendly’ is a challenge.

As the two of us meandered home along the Rio Grande river,

It began to rain.

The first rain we’ve seen in these parts since I don’t know when..

I think the last water was snow.

It rained and rained..

I almost cried from gratitude.

When the two of us returned home

The skies were crystal clear.

Scrubbed clean by the dripping skies.

I opened all my window to the pristeen evening

And we laid down for a nap.

Really tired.

Really happy.


2 Responses to “The Generosity of Rain”

  1. Nicole on July 6th, 2011

    I can’t is this a true story. I love the way you use words.
    Well, if it is true, I’m glad you made it home safe!

  2. Dorothyanne Brown on July 8th, 2011

    beautifully written.

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