“ABIQUIU”, detail, ceramic, earth
My resolve has always been

To become the best I can be.

For me, that has meant

Things like meeting hidden traumas

Of various forms,

And mining the shadows

For energetic obstacles

Intent on preventing me from thriving.

It is a dirty job.

Messy job.

But, in my case it has been the only way

This beautiful patina

I now am seeing on me

Had any chance of making it’s appearance

And remaining uncovered.

I would not be surprised

If I knew

The actual number of people in my life

Who had taken a few steps back from me

For fear

My relentless quest and it’s intensity at times

Would upstage any chance at

An easy and comfortable exchange.

Believe me, I don’t blame the reticence.

It likely was a fine, fine choice indeed.

And so.. my path in healing my body and soul

Has been in partnership

With a good deal of solitude.

And I really get sick of myself, sometimes!

So- When I do,

A good dose of a grander perspective

Is in order.

Today, I went here.

I mean, REALLY….

Can you look at that and not remember

Your lovely

And purposeful

Part of the plan

Which is a supportive role

And not the lead?


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