We Are So Beautiful And Terrible…

“FACE”, 1997, 12″ x 5″, ceramic

We are so beautiful and terrible,

Broken and resilient,

Inspired and bored.

We are full of wrath one moment

Only to wipe a tear from a child the next.

I know light

And I know shadow.

How could it be

That we hold all of these things

Right next to one another

In our hearts?

In my wider moments

I love all of it.

Because if I don’t

I know I am armoring-up my heart once again..

(Something like: “You can have my attention because you feel good but if you don’t- leave me alone..”)

That hardness is now becoming intolerable.

This is one of my favorite photographers.

His ‘eye’ helps me make room for it all, somehow..


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  1. Tina on September 17th, 2011

    I was about to blog about how I was feeling, but you’ve hit every point much more eloquently than I could! I absolutely love your post. God bless you:-)

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