“Still More Beautiful Later..”

hand painted silk robes, 1987

I think about death.

It is the great gift of chronic illness; the impetus to peek behind the velvet curtains our culture has so elegantly hung;

Obscuring the taboo, the sacred, the untidy.

I truly am not in the least ‘done’

However I let death inform my life.

Befriending death allows me to better recognize Life when I see Her.

Steve Jobs’ sister delivered his eulogy.

He lived gorgeously.

Like a rocket.

And died beautifully.

From the tidbits we have been privy to,

You’d think his ‘life-theme’ was creativity..

Surely, that was there.

But there was something else.

The fuel he ran on was other that we knew.

And so..

Befriending death

I add gold to my days

By just keeping my eyes peeled

For Life.

In Steve Jobs’

Life and Death

I found treasure.


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