“I’d Call AAA…..”

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It is New Year’s Eve day and instead of a recap of my year, I feel like telling you about the most recent event that made me really happy..

Sort of a ‘talisman moment’ to guide my year as I see it.

Instead of making a list of resolutions, I will use the feeling of what I am about to tell you to move into a new year and know I want more of THIS:

My brother, sister-in-law and niece and nephew came to visit me. They drove from Denver in their motor home with the two dogs, jeep in tow and many tools to help me make my new and beloved home more accessible. The arrived and poured forth with wheelchair ramps! and gourmet food for my freezer! and a hand-held shower thing! and lightbulb replacements! Three-hour logs for the fireplace! and ICE MELT for my walkway!

They cleaned my kitchen, painted the ramps, helped me make a flower-covered back panel for my wheelchair, made me sit down, were conscious of my energy level, shoveled gravel, took me out for meals, were aware when I was getting tired, took Olivia on walks and tied up cardboard boxes into tidy packages.

One of the very best moments of this visit was this: We were pouring out of the car in downtown Santa Fe in the evening. It was cold and icy at the curb of our parking place. I opened the passenger door to get out, saw the ice below and hesitated. Would I be able to safely make the crossing between car and curb to grab my walker? After that little feat was successfully completed I said to my brother: “What would you do if I had slipped and slid under the car back there?”

“I’d call AAA” he said….

We all laughed that down-low belly laugh because…well, because it was SUCH GREAT DISABILITY HUMOR!!!!

Casual, easy, hysterical without the underpinnings of caution.

In 2012, my attention will be on feelings in my body rather than accomplishments or desires. I will be like a magnetic basket; going about my days gathering actual experiences of connection, fun, nurturance, worth, wonder, curiosity, communion, silliness, soft belly, unguarded heart, contentment………………


6 Responses to ““I’d Call AAA…..””

  1. Laura Hegfield on December 31st, 2011

    Happy New Year Dear ONE! May your life always be filled with blessings!

  2. Webster on January 1st, 2012

    “I’d call AAA.” LOL

    Hi, I’ve got a flat and could use a little help… How long? 2 1/2 hours? Okay. I guess she’ll wait that long. See you then.

    Too funny. (Glad you didn’t fall. And you are one lucky gal to have family like that.)

  3. Judy on January 1st, 2012

    You are blessed.

  4. Carol S. on January 1st, 2012

    Happy New Year Cathy! I liked this story and such a sweet family you have. I haven’t been online as much these days, but am enjoying surfing the web today and wanted to check in and say hello. Now I will enjoy your recent posts. God bless you in 2012, and may your magnetic basket (like that image) collect all kinds of goodies.

  5. gerry harty on January 2nd, 2012

    cathy ..does your brother and his family need an adoptive grandmother,aunt or cousin? if so sign me up….what a great family!!! Just love this story.Happy New Year…Gerry

  6. Dorothyanne Brown on January 5th, 2012

    Love this. How great your family pitched in and helped. It is so wonderful when you feel surrounded by practical love like that.
    Happy New Year!

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