“DISTANCE” 2004, 24″ x 52″, m/m

I wonder what kind of year this particular Solstice will open into?

So much tentativeness and fear and dire predictions.

The energy we are entering this coming year with seems to have one hand saying come hither and the other at full STOP!

My body feels this confusion and works overtime to get it’s sea legs.

I want to pick an attitude to use as a kind of mantra for the year..

RECEIVING is what has come forward for me.

Part of me just recoils the word.

Aren’t we supposed to (as upstanding citizens) be GIVING?

The RECEIVING I am talking about could be re-named ‘DE-ARMORING.’

For me, it is the action of releasing out-dated self worth issues and truly being aware of what is available for me in the PRESENT MOMENT.

The future really has lost it’s sheen to me

And the past is just that.

I want to see what the present moment has for me..

Stand there strong and soft with my heart unguarded and my face turned toward the sky and my eyes open so I don’t miss a thing, no matter what.

But that’s future thinking AGAIN!!

It will be my practice.


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  1. Barry on December 22nd, 2011

    A friend of mine said the other day “I’m all for living in the moment ….. just not this one.” ; >)

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