It’s Good Enough

“FLAGS” 2003, ea. 6″ x 6″ x 3″, m/m

I am out for peace in my life.

All this ‘onion peeling’ going on in my physically challenged beautiful self

Has given rise to disinterest in swimming hard toward OTHER.

I ain’t got the time

Nor the inclination to look for love in any other room than the one I am sitting in at this moment.

From here I can see doors: That one looks intriguing with just a bit of light shining through the crack

Or the one over there decorated so beautifully in pale velvet and silk.

Perhaps the one with all the handsome people in it, laughing and seeming so free?

My best medicine of late is space;

The room to just BE.

This place is certainly not without the impetus toward creating a thriving life.

I get angry. Let it go.
Sad. Yup- she is here.
Wanton.. “It would be better if…”
Humbled. “Not THIS again..”

Or: “I have strength, today!”
Perhaps: “My beloved dog is a whole world..”
And this: “I can’t believe how that person just shimmered at me..”

What IS enough, actually?

Is my cup never to be full until I don’t have to be preoccupied with the location of each and every bathroom in Santa Fe?

Will I wait to be grateful for the warmth pouring in through the windows just cleaned?

My girlfriend, Jann, told me that a particular shade of red-orange lipstick is decidedly more modern than my own go-to shade of red. I tried it on and looked at myself in the mirror. YES INDEED! ME! MODERN!! I love how I look!

We move on to the next very important discussion

Which, I think was about what to eat for lunch..

What I’m speaking of here is about communion, really.

Doesn’t sound at all like ‘solve the world’ kind of stuff.

It is as simple as focussing on WHAT IS,

And loving it (or liking)

As if your life depended on it.


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  1. Laura Hegfield on February 16th, 2012


    I hear you Cathy…. I do. It is intriguing to watch the mind and the world all at once…draws us back to now, holds us even when we wander in to then and someday.

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