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My brother, Peter came to visit me last week from New Hampshire.

We had THE BEST time. He came to my yoga class (his first) and did so great.

Both of us were nervous before class. He was unsure he’d be able to do the poses (I reminded him he was going to be practicing next to me who can barely get from chair to floor..) I was tense as he had not seen my body in it’s present state and I knew it would be startling to him. I invited him to class because I wanted to be transparent to him; let him SEE me instead of protecting us both from reality.

It was wonderfully freeing and my heart opened wide.

My brother is the kind of guy who doesn’t balk at picking up dog poop (for physically challenged family members). He makes me laugh all the time. I miss him.

I have more visitors this week.

I wonder if the fact I have had NO visitors for so many years and now three separate visitations in one month has anything to do with me feeling so very happy and settled in my new home?

Could it be that my very core of contentment allows others in closer?


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