Perfect Movement

“SHE” 24′ x 4″, 2000, ceramic, graphite

“What if perfect movement was overrated?
What if sensuality and getting to know one’s self didn’t have anything to do with perfect movement…..”

Daniel Villasenor

As I continue to navigate my life

I find myself enjoying the luxury

Of space and time.

I am blessed with a lovely place to live.

Where my interests used to be queued up behind

Art and artists, beauty in form, the next acquisition, participating in my community with the intention of holding my place to ensure I was not forgotten,

I sit now in my sunny window and look at birds as I pet my dog.

I next get down on my purple mat and feel the love for myself because I can make the transition from upright to prone and back again when I chose.

Today I am able.

I breathe

And go deeper into the eons-long holding pattern

Of a woman/women reaching for perfection.

Sometimes I think I have been given the task of carrying and transforming

The sorrows and disappointments

Of every girl

Searching for a voice

Resembling music

To charm and spin

And thus- exist.

Here I am now- on the floor stretching like a newly awakened babe;

Perfect in her imperfection sounds maudlin, doesn’t it?

Rather this:

I’ve got this tune on my lips

Peppered with unpolished and primal sighs,

Releasing old stories.

I’m striking the set.

The old movie is over.

What is next is next…

I’ve not a clue.

But it will be true.


2 Responses to “Perfect Movement”

  1. Jane on April 18th, 2012

    Yoga gets deeper and deeper for me as it becomes less about asana. Now that my body can no longer do what it did, now that there is more time, I, too, have had a sense of the luxury of this whole deal. MS is the wound is the opening, some days.

    Love to you, Cathy

  2. laura Hegfield on April 28th, 2012


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