Core Of Goodness

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Can a trip to the Verizon store feel like church?

Yesterday, I wrecked my phone by tossing it into the pouch of my walker. There was a cup of tea in there already…oops.

Since I have no land line my cell is my ticket to an extended life should I fall and not be able to get up so you can see why my next stop was the Verizon store..

The thing is- the main place to do this task actually feels like a trip to Satan’s lair; 2+ hours of waiting in enough electromagnetic
juice to fry bacon on one’s brain, close contact with irate, impatient people intent on their own ‘specialness’ and no chairs to rest in.

I went online to see if there was another location in town. YES!! and the reviews people had left were swimming with praise. This place was less that 2 miles away in downtown Santa Fe.

I was conversing with myself out loud as I walked toward the front door: “Cath- I know you have no energy and it is hot out here but you have to pull it together to do this.”

I opened the door and LO! I was the only customer! I walked to the counter and there was Derrill with a genuine smile and an evident kindness.

As we began my order I saw that standing for this transaction was not in the cards for this girl and so I sat. Derrill proceeded to walk me through my options, bring me paperwork and explain techy stuff by continuing to walk all the way from behind the counter to my chair and back as the time went on.

When I had to use the loo he went before me and opened the door for my safe passage.

Before I left the store I had every question answered, each task not needing me personally to perform completed by him and a bag with organized paperwork, new phone and a very full heart.

Ad so- was that experience all that different than church? Is that substantial feeling of communion that passes for kindness a lesser version of the reverence we seek in a house of worship? Perhaps.

All I’m saying is that in the midst of hot summer days with humanity massing in readiness for the high-season here, in Santa Fe there is a Verizon store with a guy in it named Derrill who plumped up my heart and made me feel happy to be alive in the most unlikely of places.


3 Responses to “Core Of Goodness”

  1. Judy on May 24th, 2012

    Thank you, Derrill!

  2. Muff on May 24th, 2012

    Isn’t it wonderful when we have such days and meet such people!? Maybe you could brighten Derrill’s day and forward your praise to his supervisor.

  3. Jann on May 25th, 2012

    Awwwwwwwww, I bet Derrill had a nice mother.

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