Truth Be Told

“When we are fragile, when we are guarding ourselves, the rules of normal life do not always apply; and there is a sense inside that “truth” would be unnacceptable, and make us look too pitiful.
-Daniel Villasenor

My last post regarding manufacturing stories for ‘cover’ when dealing with an illness helped me in the act of writing it. Some may call the way I live my life akin to ‘navel-gazing.’ For me- the (hopefully) gentle act of self-examination yields a trove of treasure by the very act of just choosing to look and not turn away.

Choosing to look.

Choosing to look.

Those quantum folks speak about the object never being at rest and shifting when observed.

I have ‘looked’ so very long; both with love and not toward myself in all her many costumes. It is just what I do naturally because it interests me.

I interest myself.

Leaving moth holes in the cashmere of myself is not in my nature. It may take me years to have the courage to look and repair the thing
but my character is being/has been built by doing just that.

For some it may seem splashing every crack in my foundation across the blogosphere unseemly.

I often use this forum to keep myself accountable to myself.

I use you for that.

And I thank you for being there to witness me in these ways.

You help keep me real.

And I love that I continue to have the courage and interest in inviting you into my life in this way.


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  1. Mark Woodlief on June 23rd, 2012

    Jennifer (Santa Fe) forwarded your blog. I really like the moth holes/cashmere metaphor — it’s beautifully macabre, like “Winged Migration”-meets-“Silence of the Lambs.”

    All the best,

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