Working So Damn Hard

“HILLS AND VALLEY” 1998 5′ x 18″

A good friend tells me I have a rebel in me.

Well.. thank GOD I say!

Honestly- do you think I’d be negotiating the situation I am in health-wise without my alter-ego riding shotgun dressed in leather and lace, sporting Jimmy Choo 5″ stiletto ruby slippers and chewing on a corncob pipe?

That said- At the moment I am so sick of spirituality, trying to rise above the muck and mire, eating smartly, inspiring others, asking for help, doing what it takes to put myself together to go out in the world representing disability well, not being able to have a drink and not being able to have another drink.

I am just sick to death of working so hard at the most pathetically small things so I am going to just lie down and watch the results of someone else’s work….. see this very, very cool thing.


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  1. gerry harty on June 16th, 2012

    I hear you loud and clear…I couldn’t live without my 2 big glasses of wine at night…well actually I could but I don’t want to!!!…actually Cathy it’s about time the rebel showed up on the page!!!…very healthy!!! xoxo gerry

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