Guns and Roses

detail of installation, ceramic, 2008

Humans don’t change until we are affected very personally and get sad, mad or deeply afraid.

We do not shift our actions or thinking in the presence of intelligence or even genius.

If, however, the blood sprays us in the face (Colorado)

Or the ingestion of sugar weakens us to the point of not being able to walk (me and MS)

OR water at last refuses to come out of the spigot (Southwest water crisis)

THEN and only then will we change our behaviors and effect real change.

We think we are so accomplished in the civility realm but we are animals surely and the lizard brain back there rules after all is said and done.

It really boils down to survival instincts.

Unless our very survival is challenged (a spouse leaving because we drink too much or appreciated to little, a grudge we coddled never forgiven because the friend has passed on and we are stuck with the stress)

We’ll just shuffle from one sink hole to the next.

It is human to be this dense and self-serving.

It is also human to stand forward and lead by example; to effect change by shifting ones’ interior and letting the ripple effect have it’s way

Or to use one’s voice and mind in a way in which people are able to listen and forgo their natural defenses to change.

Change is so very hard.

And scary.

And often lonely.

But we must. And surely can.

I honor all those affected personally in the recent Colorado massacre who served to sear our hearts and hopefully help us shift into a higher consciousness.

It is so personal.

So very, very personal.


2 Responses to “Guns and Roses”

  1. gerry harty on July 23rd, 2012

    cathy you are so right…any major change in lifestyle that I have ever made came from fear!!! My back had to be against the wall before I gave up the cigarettes,sugar and salt!!! I see the same thing all the time with my friends and family…change is hard but constant in our lives!

  2. Rhonda on July 23rd, 2012

    Cathy.. Change is always initially greeted with fear…I was once so frightened that fear held me back from moving forward. Whilst change is always confronting we do as a part of natural instinct, embrace it and acknowledge it… to pick ourselves up and continue to move on. I look at the changes that have taken place in my life and have learnt so much from it

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