Being An Emotional Empath

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“What?” you say… is THAT?

Sounds a bit airy-fairy.

But really.. it is real.

I have been known to partake in the waters of online dating from time to time. I miss men’s company and never seem to meet many in my fast and furious world of negotiating MS. (My profile contains full disclosure in case you were wondering..)

I watch myself continue to sabotage any glint of interest moving toward me.

“Why?” I ask myself.

An emotional empath feels another person’s reality just like it were their own. So, in essence we often are unable to distinguish what is our own and another’s ‘stuff.’

My talent for this came from the need as a child to be extraordinarily hyper-vigilant to ensure us kids remained ok in a challenging home.

As an adult I do not need this skill anymore because I am not in danger but it remains and dictates a good deal of my life.

As an example, I spend an inordinate amount of time alone. I do happen to love my own company but beyond that fact I NEED this time to figure out what is my shit or someone else’s I am picking up.

That said- in the dating realm I have a propensity to shut down the glimmer of interest occurring because on some level I am quite sure there is no one out there who would understand my need for alone-time such as it is. Such a story I have concocted…..

It is qualities such as these which often label artists as overly sensitive and unstable when in fact, the truth is we tend to be privy to information coming from many sources others are not aware of.

This business of being an empath is EXHAUSTING!!!!!!!! when it is, and fairly interesting when it is not.

Illness allows me a culturally approved reason to isolate. I often wonder if I needed this to have a built-in respite from the madding crowd.

I pray my natural urge toward connectivity asserts herself beyond this ancient armoring I still carry so my heart may lead me and get more
air time.


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