The Lake

detail of painting

I cried yesterday.

Tears come easily to me as I watch dysfunctional family movies or films about an underdog triumphing over life challenges. The distress of our environment is another trigger.

They also arrive when I am overcome by beauty; our New Mexico skies (before the fires), humanity at it’s finest and often inside the feeling of enormous gratitude.

Yesterday’s tears were the kind I seldom cry which come from frustration mixed in with surrender to ‘what is.’

I’m really pretty good at taking the high road but sometimes I get so tired of soldiering my way through that I must just drop to my knees and roll over and weep.

Yesterday I laid there on my bed and let the goddess of tears have her way with me. Such a relief it was..

But my dog was alarmed by the unusual noises she heard.

She came and sat directly on my chest and began licking away my tears.

They were flowing fast- making little lakes in my eye sockets.

She stayed there..lapping them up as they arrived and catching the strays which made it to my cheeks.

She stayed there loving me in this way until my heart settled and my breathing softened and the heaving stopped.

She stayed there until I finally smiled.

And only then did she take her leave.

After such a good cry and feeling washed clean I felt the need to celebrate.

So the two of us got in the car and went adventuring together..just looking at the world, smelling the world and feeling loved-the two of us.

I sang her stupid little ditties I made up on the spot while she kept her still wary eye on me all the while.

Life is good.


3 Responses to “The Lake”

  1. Muff on August 20th, 2012

    I’ve had these little jags, too. Sometimes I think they’re necessary in order to make room for more life experiences. Our fur babies don’t understand that part of us, and they just try to make everything better. My own Kasey has been there when I’ve fallen, and he tried so hard to help me, but didn’t know how. So he just brought all of his toys and laid them beside me.

  2. Judy on August 20th, 2012

    Those crying intervals are as necessary as food and sleep. Nature would not have created tears if they served no purpose. And what a treasure your dog is. It is an experience like this which makes me wonder what people are thinking about when they don’t think animals are sentient beings.

  3. Sally on September 20th, 2012


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