Know Who You Are

“GIRL” 18 x 3″ ceramic

MS is the great humbler.

It takes one down.

But then we get up.

And we look into our own eyes in the mirror and see the one of us who had previously remained hidden-

The life-warrioress, the inner adventurer, brave and ferocious dark forest enterer..

Lipstick wielding, clear-eyed watcher,

Hermitess, songstress-to-her-dog.

I am all that.

And so much more.

So much more I’ve yet to be.

Look at this before going any further…

Is humble so bad?

Does my wobbly gait render me graceless?

Can’t you see how much closer to you I can be now?

How the space between us is electrified

Now that I’ve stopped putting so much energy into an often inauthentic smile.


One Response to “Know Who You Are”

  1. singingbirdartist on September 20th, 2012

    hi, i just wanted to say how much i liked your poem/writing/approach to life with ms, i have fibromyalgia and just had a fall which although i was incredibly lucky and didn’t break my neck or any other bones, has caused deep tissue damage that is making artmaking even more physically challenging…and i get up again and make papers and plan assemblages now i can no longer paint the way i did… 😉 no art, no smiles, so better get on then…more power to your process and thank you for sharing ALL of it

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