Holding The Opposites

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Yesterday, I wrote a post I am not proud of but I promised not to edit myself as this seems the only way to see what is true for me.

I have made my life’s quest to become authentic.

This, for me means having the awareness of WHAT IS; pretty or not, slimy or smooth.

I awoke this morning eager to get to the computer and delete the post.

But I won’t because it is part of me.

Sometimes I am the woman who knows the truth of what I began the post with which was a quote regarding how to hold suffering.

Other times I am the woman who read over the finished post and declared it (and me) “shit.”

Last evening I attended a C.G. Jung Institute of Santa Fe community program which was a forum entitled: THE RELEVANCE OF JUNG’S PSYCHOLOGY TO OUR POLITICAL CRISIS.

I see a Jungian therapist and was interested in what might be said during an evenings discussion of the polarities we face intimately which manifest themselves politically.

One speaker told the story of Mitt Romney’s family dog Seamus, tied to the top of his car (but with a homemade windshield installed) to endure a 12 hr. road trip. The result was that Seamus had severe diarrhea. Mr. Romney hosed the dog and car down and continued on.

This speaks of severe detachment. Would he care for me if he treats his dog with such abuse and disrespect?

Another presenter spoke of the disappointment we feel in Obama’s reticence to be the mover and shaker some of us hoped he would be. (Why doesn’t he do what we want him to do and do it quicker?)

This election is unnerving for many reasons- one being the ‘winner’ could represent either polarity and what will we do..each of us if our guy doesn’t win?

Should I hate the part of me who ‘shit on myself’ and curl up in a ball as I throw in the towel?

One of the forum presenters mentioned Barak Obama’s invitation to all of us: something like ‘If you don’t like how I’m handling things – MAKE ME hear your desires/needs.. ‘ (my paraphrase)

The point being that if we are passive about handling our own personal muck and mire, paralysis and discontent then we have little right to demand someone else fix it for us. Barack was telling us that he can’t do this alone and was inviting mature (his word) ideas and solutions. He was inviting us to act.

But I don’t think we all need one another enough yet. We seem to still enjoy placing blame to rid ourselves of tension.

I pray for the ability and courage to walk in balance, to make room for what is and remember that through actions of my own I can bear the tension of the opposites and thereby live with more compassion for myself and others.


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