In Place Of A Pill

“YES” 6 x 4′ 1994, m/m

“If you want to end your own suffering, this is how you do it. Not by hating the suffering; not by doing battle with it; not by trying to fix it; not by trying to figure it out; not by trying to get around it; not by trying to shrink it; not by trying to minimize it; not by trying to explain it away.
The way to reduce your suffering is to open up to it, to make it bigger, to make it wider. To see that your suffering – if you really know what it is – is the suffering of everyone. The way for anyone to end his or her suffering is to love others and be concerned for their suffering.
When you really love others, and you are willing to have your heart broken by their suffering, that is liberation. Your eyes and your heart are open, and even if you yourself are suffering, it is perfectly okay, and you don’t mind at all.”

–Norman Fischer, Weekly Newsletter, Upaya Zen Center, October 30, 2012
Now, “LOVE” in the way he is using it here has zero to do with how we have turned the word into the oily and indistinct one used on TV like ‘THE BACHELOR.”


I am going to speak from authority here as I am quite certain of what lies beneath major disappointment and heartbreak (as too many of us do).

The thing I am pointing to which is UNDERNEATH the gussied up and inauthentic thing we name ‘love’

Is something akin to what I would call: INTERDEPENDENCE.

For it seems I need YOU and the cracks and wrinkles etched so gorgeously into your humanity with courage (and not)

To feel my own heart open and soften and surrender.

And I do.

And I am so very OK.

But I write things like this and re-read them and think I am full of shit..

Ah, well- onward I go into the wild blue yonder.. complete with a sense of humor partially intact.


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  1. webster on November 3rd, 2012

    Yeah, you are full of shit, but for a few wonderful moments there you were very much OK.

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