The Body Politic

detail of sculpture, wood matches, earth

A few years into this health challenge of mine I noticed that what was going on inside my body and mind was a microcosm of the macrocosm we all swim in.

I mean that the process I experience of having to rebuild a thriving life out of the ashes left after the big fire of MS seared away the me I knew; the artist Cathy, the yoga enthusiast Cathy, the capable, independent, lone ranger Cathy..

When she was gone I had the CHOICE to begin again.

I chose the gift of rebuilding myself into an authentic being.

I have made my life my art.

I didn’t used to need you.

Now I do.

I do because I have had the experience of being shattered

And checking in to see if I wanted to continue.

Either choice had value.

I chose.. and continue to choose LIFE.

What that means is a continual and rigorous inquiry into what that means to choose LIFE:

Is this food life-giving, this person, this belief, this TV program, this organization, this book, this home, this conversation?

I just can’t do my life alone anymore.

Our world’s population has not broken quite substantially enough for each one of us to recognize our need for one another quite yet.

The shattering hasn’t been felt personally by enough of us to recognize we need one another.

The pride has to go..the arrogance..the tunnel vision..the lone ranger and superman costumes (all mine at one point),

The water has to stop coming out of the faucet

For us to feel the thirst

And finally turn to one another.

Yes- we are all connected.

And that is a nice thought.

But it is just cocktail party repartee

Until it’s not

And THEN is when LIFE begins in the most unexpected and juicy ways.


2 Responses to “The Body Politic”

  1. laura Hegfield on December 3rd, 2012

    It has been too long since my last visit… Yes, yes, yes dear Cathy, we need each other, it is more than cocktail conversation… we share one heart… all of us. I believe that is true. I’m sorry, I’ve not been here for you. I need you too.

  2. Jane on December 12th, 2012

    Hi Cathy, It’s been too long for me as well. Just recently I told a friend of mine that I felt like my ego had been shattered. Not a bad thing, but sometimes I forget and you have a lovely way of reminding me.
    Peace and blessings to you.

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