Stay Curious


I began this blog almost three years ago with the title: “HEALING THROUGH MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS.”

For a long time it felt right as I continued be introduced to the changes taking place in my body and look at what they had to teach me.

Everybody needs a new suit of clothes once in awhile and so, as you see- I have changed a few things here, most notably the name.

What does “LIVING UNDONE” mean?

Well… I think of it sort of like a blank canvas; all this stuff you thought you were is blasted away by something-or-other and you have the chance to re-make yourself..

I have never been that interested in talking much about the various symptoms associated with MS.

When I do it tends to make them worse as I direct my consciousness there.

I keep myself out of any physical or emotional or spiritual downward spiral by staying curious; curious about reasons why they might be occurring beyond western medical explanations, who I am becoming as a result of the challenges on my plate, who I want to be within them, how others are affected, the unexpected gifts woven into facing head on situations I’d rather not and thought I couldn’t and what things are important to me now and what isn’t.

The way my consciousness works within my current experience is not really that different than the 30 years I spent as a fine artist.

I make a mark (decision) and stand back to check it out.. does it enhance the whole?… does it feel good in my body?… is it necessary?..
am I proud of it?.. is it elegant? simple? graceful? nourishing? nurturing? elevating? could I and everyone else live without it? am I better for it?

I could go on here but you get the drift..

Sort of making my life my art.

Granted, this doesn’t work all the time and the ‘art’ gets pretty ugly…

I NEED to have an interesting life.

That is solely up to me.

I just try to take the hand I’ve got and play it the best I can.

It sucks that I can’t have a deep and leggy glass of wine as I sit at the table and play out the game…

But I can always wear a great dress and throw on some lipstick.

Conversation vs. Dialogue

“CLOSE”, 40 x 40″, m/m
“Dialogue is about tapping into what wants to be said rather than what do I want to say?”
– Miss Manners

Ten Questions

installation. ceramic, nails

Throughout this whole year I have continued to return to this list entitled: “TEN QUESTIONS THAT HAVE NO RIGHT TO GO AWAY” I have linked you to here.

They are penned by one of my favorite poets- David Whyte.

Each time I read them I glean something- or- other that helps me feel richer, somehow.

No Words…

Anything I might add to this video would dampen it’s power.