Stay Curious


I began this blog almost three years ago with the title: “HEALING THROUGH MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS.”

For a long time it felt right as I continued be introduced to the changes taking place in my body and look at what they had to teach me.

Everybody needs a new suit of clothes once in awhile and so, as you see- I have changed a few things here, most notably the name.

What does “LIVING UNDONE” mean?

Well… I think of it sort of like a blank canvas; all this stuff you thought you were is blasted away by something-or-other and you have the chance to re-make yourself..

I have never been that interested in talking much about the various symptoms associated with MS.

When I do it tends to make them worse as I direct my consciousness there.

I keep myself out of any physical or emotional or spiritual downward spiral by staying curious; curious about reasons why they might be occurring beyond western medical explanations, who I am becoming as a result of the challenges on my plate, who I want to be within them, how others are affected, the unexpected gifts woven into facing head on situations I’d rather not and thought I couldn’t and what things are important to me now and what isn’t.

The way my consciousness works within my current experience is not really that different than the 30 years I spent as a fine artist.

I make a mark (decision) and stand back to check it out.. does it enhance the whole?… does it feel good in my body?… is it necessary?..
am I proud of it?.. is it elegant? simple? graceful? nourishing? nurturing? elevating? could I and everyone else live without it? am I better for it?

I could go on here but you get the drift..

Sort of making my life my art.

Granted, this doesn’t work all the time and the ‘art’ gets pretty ugly…

I NEED to have an interesting life.

That is solely up to me.

I just try to take the hand I’ve got and play it the best I can.

It sucks that I can’t have a deep and leggy glass of wine as I sit at the table and play out the game…

But I can always wear a great dress and throw on some lipstick.


2 Responses to “Stay Curious”

  1. laura Hegfield on December 31st, 2012

    I love this new title… and will change the link name on my blog! Here is a New Year Blessing: May this New Year be one of realized dreams… even those we did not realize we were dreaming!

  2. Diane J Standiford on January 1st, 2013

    I have added your blog to Best MS Blogs list on my blog. How have I not tripped over your art before? So many blogs now. I agree, no matter how bad we are, there is good all around, WE choose which to spend our energy on, WE make our life our art. The artist dies, but art lives forever.

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