Gussied Up


“Only Spirit can recognize Spirit. That is what an Ah..Ha! moment really is.”
-Eckhart Tolle

When I write here on this blog I understand that if I really hunker down and tell you what is true for me as I know it

In unvarnished language and without the seductive cloak of gussying things up to appear ‘together’

There is a good chance my offerings will strike a chord in someone else out there

Because we are all connected.

There is also that distinct possibility you will think: “OH, poor Cathy… life is hard for her.” Your discomfort level may rise as I revel my shadowy places.

I believe in vulnerability.

I believe in it because my experience has shown that when I have the courage to be very REAL

I throw down some armor and become lighter

And I feel myself as Spirit.

When this happens to me I then can see/feel YOU as Spirit as well

And we have moved into communion as opposed to communication.

My writings here have been irregular of late and I have let them.

I give myself the time to gestate new states of being as they prepare to arise.

Often, this process demands silence;

The roots of something are forming underground- still white and tangled..untouched by the sun.

The food I give them as they form themselves is consciousness.

So- I watch what wants to be written, said and done

And try not to question too much.

I make decisions according to how much or what quality of Spirit is available

And extend gratitude for the ability to distinguish.


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