“UNDERBELLY”, 2008, ceramic, 14 x 6 x 3″

If you look closely at this sculpture you can see hundreds of little hook-shapes resting in what, for me, is a boat.

It really is a self portrait.

I remember the day I made it thinking of myself as a boat floating quietly on a smooth lake during a moonlit night.

I wanted to pull the light down into my dark.

The dark.

I am familiar with the dark.

I’ve befriended it over time.

The hook-shapes in the piece are testament to my desire to glean.

My tendency to harvest.

I love this piece.

The underside is a world unto itself.

Pocked here, smooth there..

And the fundamental shape of an egg.

Fragile. Meant to be broken. Giving birth. Then discarded.

I am that.


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