I am segueing once again to a hotel as my short term rental owners are returning and still no go ahead to occupy the apartment.

I remember Ram Dass speaking about when he had a stroke and his entire archive of spirit directed learning and living was nowhere to be found. He was reduced to core survival mode and just threw the whole spiritual towel in with a venomous “F—!”

I look back on this last month and feel somewhat the same. You never know about these things until tested. A good reality check is always great fodder for the mill. Yeah well..enough already.

As for my hotel stay- I happen to love them and actually look forward to a SHORT stay if the gods be kind.

When I get settled in my new place I will begin posting short videos peppered between the written word depending on my mood. I have thought about this for quite awhile and it felt too vulnerable but now I seem eager. Go figure…



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  1. webster on April 5th, 2013

    I have to say that I do like the way Ram Dass just cut through the crap and got to the point of things. I remember reading in one of his books that he told someone who came to him for guidance (for living with their chronic illness) that he envied them. As a person who has MS, that raised my brow! I was to be envied; what a concept.

    If any one can help you re-frame your current situation, it may just be Ram Dass.

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