Creativity n’ Me

“GIRL” 1999, ceramic,steel, 28″h

The act of publicizing my penchant for parking lots as I did in my last post generated enough private and concerned response that I thought I’d address it a tad further.

The state of creativity has been my safe place in life.


That means that no matter what else was/is going on around me I trust my ability to drop into the ‘well’ (I call it).

The qualities of a well are these: distance to the water, the journey to get there, darkness, mystery, fear, curiosity, nourishment, surrender to the unknown, possible treasure or death.

Both life and death are held there.

Artists worth their salt step forward even with the big question marks.

My having chosen a life with creativity at it’s core has meant finding ways to ‘clear the decks’ so-to-speak,

Before I set sail.

My parking lot visitations stemmed from the need for peeling away all costuming and revealing my tender underbelly on a regular basis.

This in service to creating art far from the ‘so what?’ variety.

Somehow-the anonymity of the practice of parking-lot-sitting has allowed me to get familiar with my natural self in way that weren’t happening at home or in my studio.

Studio time was for making the things I was inspired to do as I sat invisibly in cafes.

Sometimes, the avenues we choose to shield ourselves become destructive and soul-diminishing (alcohol,sex,food)..

My way seems weird even to me but I really don’t care..It serves me, hurts no one and I am better for it..

In moderation, of course.

If you see me there please leave me there as my startle reflex is frighteningly low…..


3 Responses to “Creativity n’ Me”

  1. Rita Kindl Myers on June 2nd, 2013

    I love the sculpture named “girl”! I also hang out in parking lots, ’cause I like to “people watch” and observe weather in natural surroundings. My favorite is to visit a parking lot that faces the Atlantic Ocean. I go there when I need to think, to write, and need some space to myself, or to listen to my favorite radio programmes. All of this might sound familiar, because 12 years ago I was diagnosed with MS.
    I used to walk pretty much everywhere, now I drive to get places, occasionally I use a motorized wheelchair, but I’m still getting used to it.

  2. Jane on June 12th, 2013

    Thanks, Cathy, for appreciating what I write.

    Is it really OK to stay in the house for a lot of my time (I have cats and a rabbit so I don’t consider myself alone) – I also have a husband and it’s not so simple with him.

    For the most part, I find people exhausting. I can’t tell them what they want to hear, But I look forward to your writings, and am further inspired to write back.

    With love. Jane

  3. Cathy on June 12th, 2013

    Dear Jane,

    Such a brave letter you wrote!!! So inspiring to hear the truth spoken. The ‘gift’ of MS in my life so far (you may throttle me now) has been the opportunity to have my authentic self revealed after all the tattered seams of my soul have been finally split open when the last drops of any reserve I might have are gone.

    Who is this woman? Today- I have new numbness and the heat has rendered my prone on my bed all day. A constant question arises: “Am I still of value like this? What am I contributing? Is it necessary to be an ACTIVE and physical contributor?”

    I muse about these things and somewhere.. most of the time…God makes an appearance in the form of a dog lick or moment of peace or recognition of precious humanity in the hard-working guys cutting up cement outside my bedroom window in 100′ heat.

    I sigh and sigh again…at rest in my value.

    Thanks for writing.

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