Dry Heart

detail of sculpture, shells, ceramic, earth

I chose this accompanying image as it feels complicated and dry.

Like me today.

I woke with heavy tears behind my eyes and vestiges of a bad dream involving the well-being of my dog.

I found it necessary to handle the question marks concerning what would happen to her should something happen to me.

She is my family.

I also have been lax in checking in daily with my designated friend who agreed to check in on me if she does not get an email in the morning.

Meeting the daily challenges of a life in partnership with chronic illness withOUT a partner are daunting at best.

No one would ever know unless they chanced to live it.

A friend brought me dinner as I was out of food.

We sat and I told her of my worries.

We solved both concerns by her agreeing to the two tasks at hand; she will take Livvy if something happens to me and I will check in with her each morning trusting that if she doesn’t hear from me by noon to investigate.

I cried again after she left but the old dryness was gone; instead, my heart was ripe and ready to meet life with curiosity and eagerness once again.

I felt clean.

My face looked very beautiful in the mirror.

It is that sharing thing…. transparency with those one feels can witness and likely respond without projection and therefore judgement.

A rarity and sacred ground to me.

My friends are my extended family web and I feel their silken threads almost invisibly attached but when truly needed, their tensile strength pulls me up and I am lifted.


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  1. sharon rose on June 21st, 2013

    So much LOVE to you Dear One… transparency fills me with tenderness and is the integrity of our friendship ….

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