“There is no normal”


A wise woman left this small pool of words in the comment section of my last post.

It made me sit up straighter and piqued my interest

As Truths (with a capitol ‘T’) tend to do.

There it stands alone: “THERE IS NO NORMAL”.

Never really has been, after all.. just stuff we find solace in thinking they will continue unaffected and recognizable for the foreseeable future

And beyond.

I am grateful that as an artist part of me abhors anything resembling normal because that has signaled that it has been done/said/believed/thought before and therefor has some if not most of the life wrung out of it.

Normal means major comfort too..

Normal quality of air, normal sun rising and setting at the expected times, normal dog brushing and licking time with my tea in the morning.

Speaking of quality of air- my brother and his family are very close to having to evacuate to a safe distance from the encroaching wildfire in Colorado near Colorado Springs.

Is there ANYthing normal about this chain of events and the emotions that go with them?


We are, each and every one of us tasked with living in the unknown more and more these days.

There are few count-on-able normalities.

When I find one I feel like kissing the ground.

For me- lately these moments (for they are that) are centered around the stellar friends and family I have around me.

I think we might be wise to strike the word ‘normal’ from the dictionary.

‘FLUX’ seems more apropos.

Get in the river and do what it takes to find your footing.

For me, I try to keep it interesting as I remind myself to be gentle..with my own precious soul and others.

The road is gritty and miraculous and curiously winding but seldom straight.

THE GREAT MYSTERY keeps appearing around these bends in that road.

If I let it.


3 Responses to ““There is no normal””

  1. david green on June 13th, 2013

    ” Enter the mystery,” That’s been said before, the phrase has nearly been trade marked. But you said it better and it hit home. ( I hope your brother is ok)




  2. Rita Kindl Myers on June 16th, 2013

    Hi there,
    I have to say I love “stay curious”, it reminds me of paintings by Paul Klee. I showed your painting to my 16 yr old son, who remarked that the title gives it meaning, makes you take a second look at it. This reminds me of the paintings of a dear friend of mine named Joanna Strong. She lives and works in Toronto, Ontario. You can see her work on http://www.JoannaStrong.com. She also gives her paintings titles that add depth to a wonderful abstract work.
    Well, I wish I have been wise. I have been limping more heavily and find I’m blaming myself for not going to bed earlier for doing too much.
    best wishes,

  3. Barry on June 17th, 2013

    Throughout my life I have often made the conscious decision not to be “normal.” Yet at the same time have stayed enough in touch with it, not to suffer societal consequences for playing too far out of bounds. There have been times when I’ve wished I could be further out there, but it requires creativity and stamina to maintain it that I don’t have enough of. All in all it’s been a pretty interesting game relating to “normal.”

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