An Innocent Mouth


I have written before about what I have learned about keeping an innocent mouth but I feel like paying attention to the idea again this morning.

I have a very honest face; honest in the way I really can’t hide what is going on with me.

Sometimes, when I look in the mirror I see the wall of tension I carry.

My jaw looks hard and ‘set’ in it’s hardness. I’m defending against… well- take your pick:

muscle weakness
wheelchair malfunction
financial concerns
societal (shall we call them ‘mysteries’ and be kind?)


I am no different than anyone else in this regard though each of us carry our personal worries differently.

I love it when my whole being feels soft and allowing of everything…

When I feel this way I become porous instead of hardened and life is far more ‘doable’ on all fronts.

One surefire way for me to get there is to soften my mouth and jaw.

I do this by consciously letting my bottom jaw drop away from the top and just letting it hang.

It feels so good and I try to just keep reminding myself to do it during the day.


One Response to “An Innocent Mouth”

  1. Jane on August 6th, 2013

    When we become porous life can flow through us.

    Your writing is so concise, and your braveness is contagious,

    Always with thanks,


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