Lovely Acknowledgement

“TREE OF LIFE” ceramic 24 x 18″

My blog was voted one of the best MS BLOGS OF 2013

I am honored to be in the company of my fellow awardees as I know what it takes to keep showing up here in a conscious, informative, courageous and sometimes fun way.

In the more than 2 years I have been writing I continue take pleasure in this process which often feels little different than all those years of creating art in form.

For this- and your continued support I am truly thankful.

ps– for the FUN part: got this from another winning blog: Mick Jagger and Lady Gaga in shoes I can no longer wear singing GIMME SHELTER.


6 Responses to “Lovely Acknowledgement”

  1. Rita Kindl Myers on August 21st, 2013

    Congratulations! I always look forward to your posts. You deserve the acknowledgement. rita

  2. gerry harty on August 21st, 2013

    Congratulations Cathy!!! More great news. It happens in 3’s so I wonder what’s next? xoxo Gerry

  3. MaryBeth on August 21st, 2013

    Congratulation! Well-deserved.

  4. sharon rose on August 23rd, 2013

    You truely deserve this honor. Your willingness to put it all out there is such a gift! You are the consummate artist , all you do is from the heart of truth and beauty.

  5. Pam on August 23rd, 2013

    Congratulations Cathy!
    I enjoyed the Stomes and Lady Gaga: she reminded me
    of a “my little pony” character… I don’t know how she can dance around in those shoes!!!

  6. laura Hegfield on August 25th, 2013

    Congratulations Cathy, YOU certainly deserve this honor my friend! You are such an inspiration, because you are honest, wholehearted, sensitive, beautiful, full of love and bursting with life even as your body is slowing, slowing, slowing, your soul is glowing, glowing GLOWING!!!

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