Doing To Being

“PORTRAIT OF KEN” 2003 20×20″ starfish,shells,ceramic,earth,mica

When I wheel downtown I have a unique perspective

Without the benefits/distraction of being overly preoccupied.

Being busy has felt very good to me in the past.

It has also ravaged my nervous system at times.

The thing is- having one’s mind fully occupied with stuff leaves little room to notice or befriend the street musician or see the sheen of the Native American’s long hair in the sun or the opulent hanging planters on the plaza or my dog ecstatic on a roll in the grass.

Are these things insignificant?

Do you judge me and think I could be using my time in more fruitful ways?

Do you envy me this room to notice?

These thoughts are companions of mine as I negotiate this shift for I both judge myself and am grateful.

My gaze has shifted to a new perspective 2 and a half feet south.

Here- I see the skateboarders with appreciative eyes

When before they were invisible

And even obstacles.

I used to turn from the street musician

Because he wanted something from me.

But today the tune he played stayed with me all afternoon

And I turned around to drop him a good tip..

One that didn’t embarrass me.

I tipped him well because he lifted me

And added to my day

And was VERY good at his craft

And clearly having a darn good time doing it.

Now, we are connected.

We see one another and wave.

Not because of the cash I left him.

But because I saw him sitting there and let him know I appreciated his offering.

I saw him sitting there.


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  1. Barry on September 24th, 2013

    Wow! Beautiful,powerful. Your writing/perceiving is such a gift to me. And that last sentence ….. who was sitting there? Girl you are a trip!

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