“Even When It Sucks It’s Worth It”

oil on plaster, 11x11x4″

I watched a documentary called UNZIPPED about fashion designer Isaac Mizrahi and all the ins and outs of putting out a collection.

It is an unusually honest, funny and poignant film which depicts the creative process in all it’s grit, grime and glory.

The quote above were his last words of the film following reading the rave reviews he received for the completed collection.

I find it interesting to see what makes me cry as I don’t do it often enough and seldom over challenges I face in my daily life.

More often than not I cry when my heart just gets too filled up and has to spill over.

I cried these kinds of tears watching this film as I remembered the old Cathy who got inspired driving her truck into the desert one day long ago, finding a deposit of green earth which she gathered and brought back to the studio.

This earth would inspire 10 years of art; the thinking, discriminating, the making, intuiting, the photographing, the showing, the selling.

I love that I made these beautiful things.

It was always the process of the making which made me feel more alive.

I think this love of process keeps me on top of my present health challenges and all that comes with them.

I remain curious.

Curious about content, the biology involved, emotional and spiritual geography and how I can make it all a thing of beauty.

You see- the same or similar muscles are being engaged now as before.

My work of art is seemingly my life now.

Sometimes successful..sometimes not.

Even when it sucks it’s worth it.


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