I Love…

monoprint- 30 x 22″

Now that I live within rolling distance of downtown Santa Fe

I got myself in gear and went.

With dog on lap we cruised down the street navigating pot holes and curb cuts with a grade that made me tremble.


Tourists everywhere (high season here) and art shows on the plaza.

We headed for Starbucks, got a paper and deftly searched out a quiet corner which, on the holiday was a city building

As they are the only people who still have grassy knolls in the drought.

Livvy rooted in the greenery and I sat and looked up into a giant cottonwood tree and felt so very fine.

My motto has been of late: DONT’ GIVE UP BEFORE THE MIRACLE

And I sat there and drank the whole gorgeous thing in: my home of 25 years and the twists and turns of cultural friction and precious humanity which exist side by side, the incomparable blue of our sky, the characters and creatives squeezed into every corner, enchanted gardens peeking through old mud walls, the stoicism of the Native Americans selling jewelry on the plaza and the intrepid skateboarders alive in their risk-taking.

I sat there and loved it all..

I loved my family for being patient and supportive of me.

I loved my friends for having to change as I keep changing.

I loved my dog because she knows my heart and finds me worthy.

I loved my own particular journey in life because it is LIFE! with all her grit and grime and questions and secrets and silence and symphonies.

I loved the man who jumped up from his table to open the door for me

And I loved how I felt when another man shook my hand and his felt capable and friendly and sure and soft and strong.

I loved my latte because I shouldn’t

And I loved the woman in high heels because I couldn’t.

We sat there in the shade and watched the world go by and I wondered if my life had become narrow and boring as I remembered a very good friend is having her art opening this week.

I used to be her with all the labor and planning and publicity and exciting build-up before an exhibition.

And now I’m not that anymore.

I am a different woman now; my sensitivities still acutely tuned.

Perhaps more so…yes, it is true.

This shift I love as well…

Because change is all we have after all.

We can choose to love the change.

Or, at the very least we can shake hands.


4 Responses to “I Love…”

  1. Barry on September 3rd, 2013

    Beautiful! You need to do more of this kind of stuff.

  2. gerry harty on September 3rd, 2013


  3. Rita K M on September 3rd, 2013

    And, I love your post!
    A successful life is one that rolls with change and continually finds beauty and purpose.

  4. Meghan on September 11th, 2013

    What a lovely post and a joy to read!

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