What Is That Thing?

“RADIO” 5’x5′, 1980, painted wool flannel

In the past few weeks a couple friends from my olden days have resurfaced

To swim with me..beside me

On my own migratory journey to who knows where?

There I was- swimming my course like a lovely sea turtle;

Just slowly moving forward- pulled by some invisible thread

When ALL OF A SUDDEN… these two friends from my past are swimming there at my side..on the phone and we are talking..

Like old shoes we slip into the safety and comfort of something ineffable which has substance and waited there for us to recognize that thing once again.

How can one go for 35-40 years with no contact and pick the thing up like it had no break in continuity?

Certainly, an action of re-connection needs to take place for anything to happen at all.

I tip my hat to these two as it was their reach that rang me up.

This takes courage, I think.

There is the chance of rejection. Worse yet- disinterest altogether.

Yes, the stakes are high but possibility is higher.

And when the contact is made a new thing is born

That feels miraculous and restores hope and reminds one to remain open to the mysterious ways

Of being human.


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  1. dion flannery on September 17th, 2013

    Just saw this after my email and you made me so happy like a seal. Thank you for the thought and reception.

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