What is the thing that has a flock of birds or school of fish communicate with such alacrity that the entire mass can change direction in a nanosecond?

A biophysicist named Albert-Fritz POPP works with something called biophotonics which is the measurement of light emission in cells, plants and all living things. He has found fascinating results testing people affected by disease and has found people with MS are in a category all their own.

The following from this article:
–Quantum coherence means that subatomic particles are able to co-operate. These waves know about each other and are highly interlinked by bands of electromagnetic fields. They can communicate with each other. It is analogous to an orchestra where all photons are playing together but as individual instruments that are able to carry on playing individual parts.

Therefore, biophotonic emission is a perfect communication system that transfers information to may cells across the body and to other bodies.

Another important characteristic of biophotons is that they follow biological rhythms (i.e., daily, weekly, monthly and annually). In healthy individuals the biophotons are extremely coherent and in rhythm with the world. In seriously ill people (i.e., cancer) they have lost their natural rhythm and coherence. The lines of communication were scrambled and they lost their connection with the world. In effect their light was going out.

Interestingly, Popp found in people with multiple sclerosis, that the opposite was true. They were in a state of too much order. They were taking in too much light, inhibiting the ability of the cells to do their job. Too much cooperative harmony prevented flexibility and individuality. In reality, they were drowning in their light.–


I really have no idea what this means but the healthy person in me wants to know..


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  1. Carole Zoom on October 20th, 2013

    It is intriguing isn’t it? We are all light and shadow, healthy and un

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